Single Origin – Finca Buenavista, Washed


Medium Roast

Honey | Red Fruits | Lime and floral | Sugarcane

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Medium Roast

Honey | Red Fruits | Lime and floral | Sugarcane

Region: Huila - Bruselas

Variety: Caturra

Process: Traditional Washed, 30 hr fermentation and sun dried

Altitude: 1700 masl

Farmer: Jose Ordoñez and his family

Sweet aroma with notes of Red Fruits and some Florals. Bright acidity, medium body and very balanced and elegant finish.

This farm has been running in the family for 45+ years, Jose (Father) and his wife (Evelia) started working the land growing coffee, initially varietals Colombia and Caturra. They grew their family of 7 children, six girls and I boy (Jose J). They all stayed in the farm helping in many ways, some married and brought in their partners, it quickly became a family business where everyone had an important role.
Jose J (Son) was always passionate about coffee quality and processing, after studying business administration he started his studies in coffee, learning how to grow, process, cup, roast, mill and he even opened a coffee shop called ‘ El Mejor Cafe’ using his dad’s image as the logo. Jose J (Son) is now a certified Q Grader, SCA roaster and always learning to improve his product, he has planted more varietals at the farm and has managed to export his coffees through our sister company CROP DEL MONTE which has now his exclusive supply in Australia.

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