Single Origin – Finca Las Mariposas, Washed


Medium Roast

Panela | Chocolate | Green apple | Syrupy finish

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Medium Roast

Panela | Chocolate | Green apple | Syrupy finish

Region: Huila - Bruselas

Variety: Castillo

Process: Double Washed, 48hr fruit fermentation with water, 28hr fermentation pulped, then washed.

Altitude: 1700 masl

Sweet like panela and chocolatey with a balanced lemony acidity and a syrupy finish. Great black or with milk.

Literally translated 'Butterfly Farm', Mariposas is being used to develop and produce new exotic coffees as part of a collaboration between our sister company Crop Del Monte Specialty Coffee and Jose Ordoñez of Finca Buena Vista. And what better place to do it than Pitalito - Huila, the cradle of speciality coffee in Colombia!

This 3-hectare farm is home to 18,000 Castillo trees, which have already produced their first three crops. Jairo Rodriguez along with his wife and three grown children manage the farm, growing and picking the coffee, with his daughter using her experience to assist in cherry selection. Our director Andres is taking the lead in experimental processing, taking the results back with him to other farms such as Finca Buena Vista to bring you more of your favourite exotic coffees.

 Overall we're pretty chuffed with the team we have running the show at origin and are thrilled to be ready to share their work with you. 

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