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El Cafetal


Great Course for students who want to find a job as Barista in a specialty coffee shop.

Learn the basics of making good espresso, texturing milk, dialling in a grinder and cleaning your machine at the end of service. Being a good barista is so much more than being able to make coffees quickly.

In this course we’ll help you understand coffee, Single origins, blend profiles, espresso recipes and to recognise when your recipe needs improving and how to do it, problem solving, team work, workflow and customer service is important too, so we’ll cover that. We always start with a little theory and save as much time as possible for practice, at the end we will give you an attendance certificate and you will be able to me a good quality coffee from start to finish.

One great thing, we can run the course with minimum 2 people and maximum 4 people per course. This way you will have a very personalised experience with lots of practice.

After booking this course, please CONFIRM AVAILABILITY WITH US via email. 


3 hours


9:00 am – 12:00pm

Weekdays or Saturdays (Depending on availability)


$200 per person

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El Cafetal


Take your hobby to the next level or just learn how to use your new machine! In

Take your hobby to the next level or just learn how to use your new machine! In this course we will take you through the fundamentals of good espresso, milk texturing and troubleshoot any issues you’re having with your home machine and technique.

*Please feel free to bring your machine in for the course*

This can be a private session (up to 2 people per purchase) or as part of a group session (charged per person).


Each ticket holder will go home with a 250gr bag of any of our amazing blends to practice.

(Overend blend, One Down blend, Hampton blend, Oscuro blend)


2 hours


9:00 am – 11:00am

Weekdays or Saturdays (Depending on availability)


$150 per person (group session)

$250 Private session (up to 2 people)

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El cafetal

Coffee Appreciation

Join us in our roasting house for an intimate introduction to Colombian Specialty Coffee. Learn about coffee varietals, the influence of different environmental factors and green coffee processing methods. We’ll take you through the growing and harvesting methods required for a coffee to be classed as specialty as well as the buying and importing process of Direct Trade.

At this sensory experience course, test your palate and your sense of smell in a coffee degustation starting with a coffee cupping and finishing with a filter V60 and espresso preparation of a selection of some the best single origins coffees from Colombia. 

We’ll send you home with a 250g bag of our signature Overend Blend, an attendance certificate and a whole new appreciation for what it takes to produce specialty coffee.


1.5 hours


$100 per person

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